La Creme Takes The Cake!

Louis and Berta Ujueta prepared a very special cake order at their Woodland Hills bakery. It took three months of planning and preparation to accomplish such a task. Louis had the opportunity to put his artistic skills to the test, along with Berta, his wife - head baker and decorator. They worked side by side to produce this large as life embellished piece of artwork for the 1st Marine's Amphibious Brigade, to be served at the United States Marine Corps Ball.

Cake Details: 2,500 servings, red velvet with cream cheese filling, rolled fondant icing, modeling white chocolate for teeth and claws, hand sculptured crispy rice head, and airbrushed coloring. Size: 11' 6" length, 3' wide, and 4.5" tall; weight 475 lb. 

Amphibious tank and gator mouth assembly design and delivery planned by their Son, Anthony Ujueta.

We're located in the"Winnetka Square"
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La Créme Bakery 
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